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Thursday, July 19, 2018



Just a lazy day 😀

Dark times…

My Dakota and me <3

Take care of me

Today I took a pic with MR SL Columbia 2018. Israel Gant (Lljoe). It was a great honor to do a little shoot with you my friend! I am showcasing some nice items from Cubura. ✮ Mesh Head – Catwa – Skell Bento head (@skinfair) (new!) ✮ Mesh Body – Signature – Gianni ✮ Applier – Stray Dog – Drake Tone 04  (Man Cave) ✮ Shirt – Cubura – Tyber...

Life is like a bicycle

Credits: ✮ Mesh Head – Lelutka – Andrea ✮ Mesh Body – Belleza– Jake ✮ Applier –Stray Dog – Cody tone 03 ✮ Eyes – Mayfly – London fog ✮ Sweater – ::K::– Off Neck Pullover (@TMD) ✮ Pants –Ascend– Jack Cargo Rolled Cuff Pants ✮ Pants –Versov – Tchekov shoes ✮ Hair– TRAM...

Little message for all my friends!

Croatia here I come!   I'm going to be afk for a week since I'm travelling to Croatia tommorow. Now dont worry!!! (I'm known to be...

Boats, Boats and Boats…

H ey everyone! Today im going to tell you guys about this amazing boat I found. I was just windowshopping on marketplace when I came...

In the spotlight: Cubura!

Yo guys! A little update here! Last weekend I was taken to the hospital to have surgery on my gallbladder. That caused for me...

Fly on the wings of love

Credits: ✮ Mesh Head – Catwa – Daniel ✮ Mesh Body – Belleza– Jake ✮ Face applier – Avi-Glam– Connor Tone: honey ✮ Hair – DURA– 80 dura (dark tones) ✮ Eyes – Mayfly – London dusk shadow ✮ Pants– Kalback –Original Jeans M3 (@TMD)

A real thinker

What's up all! I thought it would be nice to create a post to expose some of my personality and thinking a bit... In my...

Just another rainy day

Lotd!   Golden, crisp leaves falling softly from almost bare trees, Lifting and falling in a hushed gentle breeze, Slowly dropping to the soft cushioned ground, Whispering and rustling...
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