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Wednesday, November 22, 2017




I small hug maybe?…

So much work to do!

Day at the beach LOTD

Wow, I found this great location in Secondlife its called st. Martin and is a tropical themed sim in the Blake Sea area. There are a lot of small places in this sim where you can rez your stuff to make some awesome pictures. Anyway, Yesterday I was called for...

Blue badabibadabooo

I'm in a blue mode today! Enjoy my post! Love you guys and want to thank everyone who keeps supporting me and reading my...

Kirablog’s new sponsor: Stray Dog!

Hello peeepssss, it has been a while that I have been posting new posts. I have been very busy with the MR SL business...


"The environment makes our characters"    When I did auditions yesterday for MR SL 2018 I felt inspirated by the venue. It was a japanese building...

Just another rainy day

Lotd!   Golden, crisp leaves falling softly from almost bare trees, Lifting and falling in a hushed gentle breeze, Slowly dropping to the soft cushioned ground, Whispering and rustling...

Strolling TMD

HQ picture here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pascalkira/37109580544   Hey everbody! I have doing some shopping at TMD and found me some nice clothing there made by COLD ASH. Credits here: ✮ Mesh...

Never say never

Hey guys! Just made a new picture I hope you people like it! I know I did not post a lot of news lately....

Dark times…

Credits: ✮ Mesh Head – Lelutka – Andrea ✮ Applier – Stray Dog – Cody tone 03 ✮ Mesh Body – Belleza– Jake ✮ Eyes – Mayfly – Ghost True Grey ✮ Jacket –KIB Design – Earendil suit Jacket ✮ Pants –KIB Design –Earendil suit Pants ✮ Hair– Barbershop – David hair (@MOM) ✮ Pose– Reve Obscura – Last...
Hello! My name is Pascal Kira resident of SecondLife. I build this blog to publish posts on different kind of subject regarding living in the virtual world of SecondLife. Not only fashion, but also some boytoys (like vehicles).

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Blue badabibadabooo

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