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What’s up all! I thought it would be nice to create a post to expose some of my personality and thinking a bit…

In my view, the world today is a world of pain and suffering, look at the wars, storms, terrorism and other really terrible stuff. The world seems to be in a downwards spiral. Now if we look to second life, there are a lot of people escaping these ugly things in the world by being in a world they can create them selfs. So do I, I love to be in an environment where I can be just be me. I myself am a very positive person and I do care about all people around me. It really hurts to see the world has so many difficult challenges to face with those people I care about in it.

Now I was thinking, if I can give only 0,001 of the world population my positivity that would translate in theory 111.000 people of the world reached. I know, this is very unrealistic and optimistic, but hey! This is the internet! Internet knows almost no boundaries, so in theory it would be possible to reach such amount of people over a span of a few years with my blog. In the end it comes down to how you as a person stand in this world. Do you allow me to give you some of my positivity? So we can set out a chain reaction?

MR SL 2018 gives me an opportunity to not only being a male divo, but also gives me a chance to spread my positive vibes to others, by blogging, doing shows, meeting new people I really hope I can contribute to a better world even if its only a slightest bit. Because we really do need it.


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Hello! My name is Pascal Kira resident of SecondLife. I build this blog to publish posts on different kind of subject regarding living in the virtual world of SecondLife. Not only fashion, but also some boytoys (like vehicles).


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