18.7 C
Thursday, July 19, 2018


I know my classics

So tired

I wish you were here

Woohoo 3 new sponsors!

Who likes rain?

Cigarette mmm

Share some peace

Fabulous couple

Come at me bro

Dramatic dreams

Take care of me

Dreamy days

What a joy!

Where the wind blows


Feel my sadness

Help me break free!

Catching up to do!

Pascal is Back!

How do you do?

Stray dog at Mancave event!

Fly on the wings of love

Last man standing

Dark times…

High tide

Strolling TMD

Life is Sacred

Presenting a new Sponsor!

Spark of hope…

Just another rainy day

Never say never

I see thru roses…

My Dakota and me <3

The Mill

Dare to dream…

A rainy day

I small hug maybe?…


Angels and demons…

A thank you to my brother…

Mirror mirror on the wall…

Preview for TMZ 😀

Day at the beach LOTD

So much work to do!


I nailed it!



My first post ever!