Boats, Boats and Boats…



ey everyone! Today im going to tell you guys about this amazing boat I found. I was just windowshopping on marketplace when I came across this great piece of mesh built by Kain Xenobuilder.

At first I was a bit hesitant to get me this boat coz im not that great sailor at all…I decided to try a demo first. After messing around with those damn sails for like 30 minutes I figured out how to work the winds.

Once I had it all figured out, I decided to set sails to Blake Sea. First thing I noticed were the smooth simcrossings on pretty high speed. Its magnificent how this boat handles these shitty simborders in SL. After sailing a nice leg, I gave the animation onboard a try…. OMG was i surprised by all those great animations on this boat, Yoga, sex in the kitchen, sex in bed, going to the toilet, dance, relaxing in the sun, it is all possible on this great boat.

So yeah my choice was pretty much clear. I went to buy this mega piece of art.


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