Catwa releases new male head ” Skell” at Skinfair 2018!


Wow, I didnt expected this today! Today I had early acces to Skinfair 2018! I ran straight to the catwa stand. Earlier today I already spoke Catwa on facebook about a new release. I wasnt sure if I was allowed to share the news, thats why I didnt post it yet.

Catwa releases male head!

But here he is! The new male head from Catwa! Its called Skell. Its a very refined head with nice curves. As you can see I already made my first shape for it. I think its a kind of mix between the Shaheen and Victor head. I really love it. Coming time I will wear this head for sure! I am wearing the Avi Glam skin from Skinfair 2018. Want a more in dept review of the head then head over to my friends blog: Virtualbloke

So whats more for us guys?

So whats more for us guys at Skinfair? Well there are some male items, and I must say unfortunately I really had to search for them. There is Modulus with 3 new skinfair skins, Avi Glam with 2 nice skins. Clef de peau didnt set up his stand yet also I saw Nivaro with a new awesome skin. I am always a bit disappointed by the male skin appliers. I mean those that make skins now are awesome! I really love stray dog, Clef de peau, Avi Glam and Modulus and all others. But still it sometimes it feels like we guys get too less attention. (It might be me tho).

Little correction: As Angi Manners says, Session also released 2 exclusive male appliers!




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