It’s fall! Leaves falling a little message to you, from me


Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog again. How are you doing today? I wanted to make a picture with some fall feel to it. If I look outside the window I see a lot of leaves turning brownish. It’s a sign that summer is over. The days filled with sun warmth and beaches are over…In a way it makes me sad. I love the summer and I hate it when winter is on it’s way. What is your favorite season? Leave in the comments section 😉

Always positive

But then again, to translate it to something positive, fall gives me an opportunity to experiment with new fashion styles.It comforts me knowing there is whole new season of new clothes designed by all designers in Secondlife. As reader of my blog you know I am a kind of positive person, I always try to see the bright sides of something that is not so very bright.

Chaotic but satisfying

Last few weeks for me were some chaotic weeks. But hey I really enjoyed it tho. I am running for mr sl 2018, also I am attending modelling class at the miss sl academy run by Marcus levefre. This modelling business is quite new to me and have to say, I dont know why I didn’t I started this all way back when…. Thru this way I also want to let you people know I really love you guys supporting me. If it’s only by reading my blog, or letting me know you think of me, I really like any of your support, and am very grateful to all of you.

Dakota Lavarock brings an whole dimension to my already happy Secondlife.

New people into my life…

Lately I have met some really nice new people and designers. For example Ocean Blackthorn, and Dakato Lavarock. Dakota supports me not only as my coach but she also is there to be with me as my girlfriend. Dakota brings an whole new dimension to my already happy life in Secondlife. She is caring, supporting, loving an coaching me around the clock, love you darlin!

Applied for several blogging jobs…

Also I want to let you people know I have been applying for several blogspots for a few high regarded designers. Over time I will let you people know what became of it. Also I have been approached to do a nice photoshoot with another great MR SL contestant, I am really looking forward to that one so keep an eye on my blog…Are you a designer, and are you interested in me blogging your products, then I am always open to your proposals. Leave me a notecard inworld and I will get to you asap.


✮ Mesh Head – Catwa – Shaheen
✮ Mesh Body – Belleza– Jake
✮ Hair – Dura –B&G80 @TMD (new round opening september 5th) (Darks)
✮ Eyes applier – Mayfly – London dusk shadow
✮ Suit– Bakaboo –Baka Yakuza Suit – Color A (@Swank)
✮ Mesh ears– Mandala –Steking ears season 5
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Hello! My name is Pascal Kira resident of SecondLife. I build this blog to publish posts on different kind of subject regarding living in the virtual world of SecondLife. Not only fashion, but also some boytoys (like vehicles).


  1. Thank you for your sweet and kind words, Darling. But, really, you are very intelligent and learn very quickly. These, combined with your warm, positive, funny character, truly make you a pure joy to be with, in whatever capacity it may be. I also love you, and am very delighted that you are in my life. I am very excited about all the things our future holds!


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