When the fun ride suddenly stops…


Goodmorning all, today is a bit of a sad day for me. Yesterday I received a call that I have to attend weekendmeetings in my real life. This means I wont be able to compete in MR SL 2018.

“I was willing to do everything possible to win that title”

It makes me sad and very disappointed since I worked so hard to get it work. I was willing to do everything possible to win that title. But yeah, sometimes real life has to come first. I really was looking forward to the shows and challenges to come.

What the future will hold

My modelling future will lay in me graduating miss sl academy, and see what comes from that. My girlfriend Dakota tells me from everything bad something positive will come. So I hang on to that fact for now.

A big thank you is in its place…

I hereby want to thank everyone who supported me and came to see my auditions inworld. It is amazing to know so many people supporting me. Also I want to specially thank the peope from the Miss SL organization, Marcus, Hikaru, Venom, Saian and all others I forgot to mention it was a great honor to work with you. I also want to thank teupy (my brother) and Jasmine (my sister) for their patience with me. I do know MR SL took a lot of our time together. Then a very special thank you to Israel Joseph(MR SL Colombia 2018 Go get them Hunger Games style), Petr Denis(MR SL CZECH republic 2018), Tony(MR SL UK 2018) for being my friend. And ofcourse last but certainly not least, Dakota Lavarock, you have been putting so much time in me and MR SL hours and hours we worked together to do our utter best to make this happen. I love you dear!

So whats next? I will keep on blogging, making pictures and try to compete in other pageant contests where the schedules wont be messed up by my real life. Make sure you will keep an eye on my blog for news.

Saying goodbye hurts most

Saying goodbye to my MR SL Netherlands 2018 title hurts most. I love my country and was really ready to present all beautiful things we have here in Holland to the public in SL. I am really sorry for all my dutch fans that I had to take this very hard decision. For now, I will be a prince on my own way, and you guys haven’t heard the last of me! I’ll be back…


✮ Mesh Head – Lelutka – Andrea
✮ Applier –Stray Dog – Cody tone 03
✮ Mesh Body – Belleza– Jake
✮ Eyes – Mayfly – Ghost True Grey
✮ Knights armor Noble Creations – (@we <3 roleplay event)
✮ Horse – Waterhorse – Western Quarter Horse
✮ Horse armor – JINXThe crusader Armor

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Hello! My name is Pascal Kira resident of SecondLife. I build this blog to publish posts on different kind of subject regarding living in the virtual world of SecondLife. Not only fashion, but also some boytoys (like vehicles).


  1. It’s never a goodbye my dear big brother, it is just a mere “be right back”. You’ll just be afk’ish. I love you Brother Pascal. I wish you well in your rl and wish you well in your sl journey. All things good will fall into place when it is your time, right now isn’t that time. SL isn’t quite ready for your Presence and what all you bring with you to offer JUST yet. Give it time and it’ll catch up! Your Time IS coming. Just be patient and watch everything come open and available for you! 🙂

  2. Oh, darling, I feel like crying all over again. This is so heartbreaking. I know how BADLY you wanted to do this. I know how terribly disappointed and sad you are. But, the truth is that, sometimes, first life simply has to… well…come first. But, yes, you know what I am going to say! Something good comes from everything, and something good will come from this, too. Who knows what it might be!

    I love your strong spirit, your determination, your dedication, your honor, and your integrity. These will take you far in whatever adventure comes to you next.


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