I nailed it!


I’m official MR SL 2018 candidate yaay!


Hello friends/followers!
I nailed it! Hours ago I was chosen as official candidate to mr sl 2018! Also representing my country The Netherlands as MR SL Netherlands 2018 woohoo. How amazing is that.
I want to thank all the people that supported me my way here. So i decided to post their names below. But first I want to give a big thanks to my mentor/coach/love of my life/woman of my dreams 😛 Dakato Lavarock… She pulled me thru all this and coached me for hours and hours today to be ready for today’s audition. Thank you so much I cannot describe in words what it means to me to have met you. Xoxoxo.

Okay so here is a list of the people who supported me so hard! I really want to thank you guys for being there, and if your name is not here also.

-Christian Teupy
-Muggy Flow-Whitfield
-Kittia (Catwa Support grp)
-Kemesalali (Catwa Support grp)
-Koura (Catwa Support grp)
-Seren Weatherwax
-Jet Hanly
-Jasmine Cole
-Serena Lexington
-and all others I forgot to mention ofc!

Special mention of designers I want to thank for their products and designs I used:

-Gac Akina (stray dog)
-Jasim Abdullah (Catwa)
-Masa Plympton (Deadwool)

Here some pics made by Teupy and Muggy:

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  1. lol That cat in the bag. It makes me laugh every time i see it!

    Thank you for the thank-you and kind words. You are so bright and pleasant to work with that working with you is a real pleasure.


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