Spark of hope…


Hey everyone! How are you doing all! Today I had some spare time before going to my meetings scheduled for today. I decided to make some nice picture using this new pose made by Reve Obscura. This pose really inspired me to make this picture.

As you all know I am not any longer a MR SL competitor. I did decide to continue my MISS SL academy. Meaning I have to put all my effort in those classes to finish it succesfull. This means I wont be blogging that much as you guys are used too of me.

Anyway I want to wish you all a very nice day, with whatever you do. Work, play SL, holidays or whatever really. Again thank you all for reading my blog! I will be soon be back 😀 dont worry :P.

High quality picture here:

Spark of hope (new message to you guys)

I thought this would be a nice video to share with this picture:

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