Today is a good day for a different head!


Shopping you say? 😀


Gaaaah today I was a little bit bored. So what did I do? I went out shopping!!! Yay!!! I got me a new head, well actually it’s nothing new. I bought myself the Catwa Stanley head and decided to step of my usual path that is: Buy head—>create shape—>run to stray dog mainstore asap—> get new stray dog skin—> apply skin—> get new hair and then done there is a new look born!.

Well this time I first went to buy a Demo head, edit shape buy skin from: Yes, here it comes! Clef de Peau! Clef de Peau and Stray Dog are my most favorite skin designers. I must say I was surprised I could make the Catwa Stanley head this way.

I am very happy about the results. What do you think is a good head for males? Leave it in the comments section would be fun to hear from you guys what is you favorite head!

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